by Tamper

The easiest way to discover the world around you.

Inquire is a context-aware Wikipedia reader for iPhone. Using your location, trending topics, and other curated sections, Inquire brings you the most interesting and relevant articles using Wikipedia’s extensive and reliable collection.

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Discover hidden treasures next door or across the globe.

Inquire uses your location to find interesting articles nearby. Explore your surroundings, or select somewhere else to discover more about places all across the globe.


Hand-picked categories that adjust to you.

Receive articles from hand-picked categories that adapt to factors such as time, location, and current events. Learn about Famous Inventors, Movies Filmed Nearby, or many other categories being added and updated regularly.

Bookmarks & History

Find an interesting article but don’t have time to read it now? Easily bookmark it or look through every article you’ve opened later.

Read & Share

Adjust the font and swipe through photos easily. Share articles with friends and if they have Inquire too, it’ll open directly from the link.